Why every business should utilize local seo services

When you own your own business, you will always want to do what is best not only for you but your customers as well, both existing and new. Owning a business is all about attracting new customers while you keep the existing customers satisfied and there are many ways you can do it. Many people depend on a great marketing campaign or having a great and aesthetically pleasing website but one thing people seem to never consider is using local SEO services, though they have been proven time and time again to be so beneficial. According to CEO Jacob Kettner, Local SEO will allow your website to show up in search engine results and let people know you are nearby when they’re performing a search for a business. Local SEO is also very popular today because of the increased use of smart phones. Here are a few reasons why you should utilize local SEO services as a small business owner.

What is Local SEO?

Many people are unsure of what local SEO actually is but it is not too hard to comprehend and the truth is, you’ve probably already experienced local SEO at work. If you’ve ever been in the car, searching for a business, such as a hair salon that is near you and you’ve noticed all the results that came up with addresses, phone numbers and more that are nearby, that’s local SEO right there. So, when you utilize local SEO and someone searches for a service or product your business offers, you will show up in the results and this is exactly what you want to happen.

Why Local SEO is Important

Local SEO is so important because it can help to get your business noticed. If you live in a city with a lot of competing business, its not hard for your business to go unnoticed, as there may be many more just like it. For example, if you run a dry cleaning business in Atlanta and you do not have a local SEO result, people may travel across the city to get their garments clean when they could come to you and save the trip. However, with a local SEO result, people will see that you are closer to them and bring them to you.

All it takes when you want to set up a local SEO campaign is getting online and creating a page with Google Places for Businesses and Google Local. This will get the word out there about your business and help to boost your publicity as well as increase your clientele. Give it a try today and see what local SEO can do for you!

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