Why seo is the future

Is SEO dead?  maybe SEO depending on who you ask. But the truth is there is simply no better form of advertising than putting your business right in front of the real Google search engines. Go to the webpage of and you will see how a professional business website should look, with clear navigation. This makes it easy for we visitors to find what they are looking for and make a purchasing decision. A great piece of online marketing.

What about PPC aka Adwords?

Ad words have been one of the biggest revenue generators in human history, it is no wonder Google have been keen to smash SEO from their algorithm which updates focusing on the inbound links and ‘ quality content’ or duplicate content. Social signals are also starting to take a bigger part of the algorithms ranking factor.  This means that site owners must have a active Facebook and Twitter profile and keep it updated with great content at least 1 – 2 a week.

Responsive design has become much more important and actually in 2015 it is a must, you can be punished in Google’s search results for not having responsive design in the same way as having a slow website. It also means your website can be viewed on moble devices such as smart phone and hand held tablets. This is as much as 50% of all searches, which makes it  a big deal for all online marketers.

For anyone interested in Online Marketing, or who wants to just get started. A good place too look is .

A great marketing company to work with


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